CryoMAX Cold Pack — Pro

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The CryoMAX T-Shape Pro Cold Pack is specifically designed for the shoulder, the neck (cervical), and as a compression wrap on the knee and foot.  
The flexible T-Shape design of the CryoMAX Cold Pack conforms to a variety of body contours. Read the enclosed CryoMAX Cold Pack shoulder instructions for safe of optimal use. Use the ice pack for shoulder injuries, neck pains, and knee and foot discomforts. 

Simply place your reusable pro cold pack into the wrap and store in the freezer before use. Wrap the pro ice pack securely around the affected area with the support wrap.


Replace the need for multiple standard ice packs that are not long-lasting and need to be refrozen after a short time. The CryoMAX Cold Packs offer continuous and convenient cold therapy while being reusable and durable. 

The CryoMAX cold packs for shoulders, necks, knees and feet remain pliant even when frozen and contours to the affected area. 


  • CryoMAX Cold Packs provide safe and long-lasting cold therapy for a variety of injuries including back pain, sprains, post-surgical discomfort and burns.  
  • The professional ice packs are non-toxic, latex-free, washable, durable, and environmentally friendly. 
  • Please check with your doctor before using any cold therapy product. 
  • CryoMAX cold packs are not recommended to be used directly on the skin. 

DIMENSIONS: T-Shape 12″ x 18″

    Get an extra wrap for your CryoMAX Cold Pack — Pro:

    Care Guide

    Click here to view product use and care instructions, and download guide in English and Espanol.

    What's included

    Comes with wearable wrap and strap for convenient use while you take on your everyday activities

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