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Local Residents Step Up With Donations to South Florida Police Department
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Local Residents Step Up With Donations to South Florida Police Department


Contact: Tracy Cardozo
Phone: (877) 833-3324

(April 8, 2020) - Masks and other essential supplies are being donated to several police departments in the hopes of protecting officers.

Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina said, “It really inspires us to want to keep coming to work and do what we do every day for our residents, so thank you so much.”

Gary Shaw, best known for his work ringside, is now focused on a different kind of fight.

Shaw said, “Now that I became a big time boxing promoter, I want to give back to Miami.”

He and his wife are donating a thousand face shields for the protection of Miami Police officers.

“What really got to me, is when I saw the deaths of two sheriff’s officers, ” Shaw said.

South Florida has lost two law enforcement officers to COVID-19, 38-year-old Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jose Diaz Ayala, and 39-year-old Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy Shannon Bennett.

The tremendous loss is highlighting the new threat officers face daily and their need for protection.

That’s why an international toy company is stepping up to help, donating masks to Fort Lauderdale Police.

One officer receiving the masks said, “That’s awesome. Thank you, guys.”

James Hancock of Jazwares said, “We’re hoping other people can jump on board, whether you can do masks, whether you can do food. Whatever you can do to ease the day to day tensions of our first responders.”

So far, Jazwares has donated more than 20,000 masks across the country.

Shane Calvey, President of the Fort Lauderdale Fraternal Order of Police, said, “Obviously masks are hard to come by, and with their connections, they’re making it much easier for us, so we appreciate everything they are doing for us.”

Life Wear Technologies handed over protective gear to the Broward Sheriff’s Office and Pompano Beach Fire Rescue.

The goal is to keep them safe, but Miami’s police chief said these gifts go beyond that.

Colina said, “It’s a reminder to the officers that the vast majority of the residents here appreciate the work that they do every day when they go out, so when they see acts like this it boosts the moral, and then it motivates them to want to want to come to work.”

Shaw said he will continue to donate until he is either out of money, or the battle with the virus is won.

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